Train or be Trained (TOBT)- do you train, or still need to be trained…

to train for an optimally healthy & fit YOU, one must train:

• inside - nutritionally

• outside - physically

• mentally - properly embraced motivation


We at TOBT know that it is a challenging and on-going process becoming, being, and staying healthy & physically fit..


Not any one way/method works.


We continuously change, and so should our actions/applications. The more understandable/relatable examples that we have to personally apply- the better we tend to be more accepting of personalities we can relate to. We will provide many for you to choose from and that is why if you are training yourself, need help, or just want more options- WE’RE HERE!




Our 3-Piece Snack Incentive


So because we think that you need to train 3-Ways, we offer our 3-Piece Snack Videos(a nutritional, strength, & motivational tip) nicely wrapped up into a video presented by:

• our TOBT pros (our line-up of trainers- see SHOWCASE page)

• Visiting pros (a visiting health or fitness professional)

• Regular Street Peeps (YOU offering what YOU have to offer!)





This showcase is meant to bring awareness to the general public.


We don’t care what you do, but how you do it..


Make sure you do it proper, & make sure you do you!!


We are here to provide as many possible options, explanations, and views as possible.


TOBT- bringing the world awareness, for YOUR fitness & health!!


Train or be trained was created as an unbiased informative medium meant to bring about awareness to the general public. For any further information or details, please do not hesitate to contact us.